Thoughts Inspired by the Bracelets

I'm sure we have all seen those little cloth bracelets. The ones that read W.W.J.D.? I am wearing one right now. Sure, it is a popular jewelry piece, especially among Christians. But, after buying my very own purple cloth W.W.J.D. braclet on Oct 4, 2,002, I began to question what it really stood for. Many people wear Jewelry with these inintials, but few ever really contemplate... What Would Jesus Do?

Would Jesus Judge?
Judge not lest ye be judged. Jesus would definately not judge anyone. He would not judge people by what they wear, how they act, or what problems they may have. Jesus loved all people, and we as his followers should try to do this as well. After all, what does it say to others when they see the cross around your neck, and you are making fun of someone?

Would Jesus Help Others?
Yes! In the Bible, it talks of Jesus helping others on a daily basis. He cured the blind, and fed the hungry. Now, it is true that we cannot cure the blind, but we can do the latter. Try sponsoring a food drive. Give spare change to those who need it. Help others find their way to the Lord. After all, this is what Jesus Would Do.

Would Jesus Steal?
Let's face it...People steal. Though not all of us will, most people have, or will, steal at least once during their life. Why? I have never understood. People will steal a five dollar item, and risk going to jail if caught. I know this is something Jesus WOULD NOT do.

Would Jesus Hide?
Have you ever known someone who was Christian, but would hide it around friends. I know I used to be that way. It can be hard to tell people who are close to you that you have recently come to find Christ. But, a word of advice. If you have to hide being Christian from anyone, then you have never really found Christ at all. So, I'm not saying this is easy...But wear that cross, and hold that Bible proudly. This is what Jesus would do!

Wouled Jesus Ignore?
If someone comes to you for help, it is usually important. Do not just blow them off. Your help may indeed wind up saving a life. Just think of this...A person is having suicidal thoughts because he/she thinks nobody cares about them. They come to you as a last hope (even though you may have never met them). Now, are you gonna prove them wrong by showing you care, or prove them right by ditching them? Think about it...What would Jesus do?

Try Looking!
So many times, people buy something (like the W.W.J.D. Bracelet) because they think it is cool, or it is the trendy, hippest thing to be wearing. But, what about what it represents. If you do choose to wear a Christian symbol (or any symbol for that matter) just be sure you know what it means. And keep in mind...What Would Jesus Do?