September 11-2,002

God Bless America

September 11-2,001! Many lives were changed on that tragic day. Many of us woke up to what we thought would be a NORMAL day...Boy, were we wrong!

The Tragedy
It was a morning...A regular sunny morning. Nothing special about it. Nothing to indicate that things would forever change. Nothing saying warnings of what was only moments away.

I woke up that day just like any other day, and went to see when me and my family would be going to the fair. My mom told me America had been attacked. America...ATTACKED!? How could this be?

I went downstairs, and turned the television on...And what I saw horrified me. The twin towers imploding, just sinking to the ground. I saw the people covered in dust as they trudged the streets, and I saw the fire erupt from both buildings, and it hurt me to see all these things. I had never even thought anything so terrible would happen...But it did. And it has changed America forever!

The Heroes
That day was supposed to change America...Well, it certainly did. It gave us pride once again. Now, I am saddened to think that it took a tragedy such as this to bring American pride back, but at least IT IS BACK. This day of tragedy showed us that heroes still exsist, and that fighters and superheroes are real.

Heroes- Yes. On that day, many ordinary men and women like me and you gave the greatest gift of all. Their lives to save another. Many went back into the falling buildings to help others out. Many heroes were born on that day...

...And many heroes fell, and will always be in our hearts.

The One Nation Under GOD

This day will always live on...Always with every American who was watching that day. It will always be the day when America finally realized she is really: