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Happy Halloween

Welcome to His Love. This is a Christian web site, which was created as of October 5, 2,002. My name is Michael, and I am the site owner. I am pleased you have come to my site, and hope you will come again. I do hope you will find what you have come searching for. To go to a page, click a link above.

Welcome to His Love


Contacting the Web Master.
If you would like to contact the webmaster for any reasons at all, please E-mail me. I will always be more than glad to hear of site ideas, new born Christians, and all sorts of things.

Please note that any vulgar language will be notified. I do not think using such language is respectful to either the Lord or me.

If you have negative things to say to me, that is fine. But do not use vulgar language. Also, please note that I will be posting a few letters I recieve online.

Thank you,


My E-mail: Mmlstevens01@aol.com