My Pets

Angels On Earth

Welcome to my PETS page. I am a huge, animal lover (though I only have two pets). To me, pets are like angels on earth. They are there for you when you are happy, sad, and all the days in between. They never stop loving you, and can be your very best of friends.

With this said, I introduce you to my Pet page. I am sorry of the GIFS I have used here. My web cam is messed up. In time, I will have actual photos of my pets here, but it may take a while. Anyways, enjoy



Her name is Roxy, and she is my first pet. She is such a little doll.
Budgie (Parakeet)

His name is Percy, get it! (Percy the Parakeet--Corny I know!)Surprisingly, this gif looks exactly like he does. He came to live with me as of August 14, 2,002

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